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A First Bike
Little ones may be better to start without pedals

December 2010

Perhaps you've heard the theory on on these little bikes without pedals. There are two primary skills to be learned by a child to ride a bike: balance and pedaling. Most of us learned pedaling first, on a pedal bike with training wheels. A "running bike", as they are often called, reverses this order of learning by promoting a child to learn balance and coordination first. Once proficient at balancing, adding pedaling is a lesser challenge.

One of our customers received a running bike for his second birthday. After a couple hours of indoor practice he was out the door, excited to head out on his first two-wheeled bike ride in the driveway.

For the first couple months our little customer was content to sit on the saddle and walk the bike along. This was a good opportunity to learn some steering skills. There were a few low speed tumbles but nothing to disuade further riding.

It was two months after receiving his bike when this little boy started to cruise. A slight downhill promoted him to pick his feet up between steps and coast along for short distances while balancing. Was it the bike riding or applause from his parents that put smiles on his face? A cell phone was handy for a video of an early striding ride:


Stop in the shop with you son or daughter and have them try a running bike. They will probably be excited to find a bike just their size, and maybe they will show off a little and ride it around the store!

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